She Had To Say Goodbye To Her 16-Year-Old Dog. This Is What She Did.


When Jessica Sharp was seven years old, she started a friendship that would last 16 years with her dog Chubby. In the last couple of months Chubby’s health began to deteriorate. A heart-wrenching decision to let her go was made instead of seeing her friend suffer further. To honor the bond, not only did Jessica compile photos of her and Chubby growing up together but also had photographer Suzanne Price capture their last days together.

“This was the first day we got her, I was so excited to have something of my own I could take care of and love.”

“This is one of my favorite pictures. I still pick her up like a baby till this day… even though she’s never been fond of my smothering.”

“It’s so weird she’s laying on my legs. I think I was more of her best friend than I realized.”

“And then she started sleeping all the time and taking over the bathroom.”

“She got a whole lot of lovin’ from people who didn’t even know her!”

“When I didn’t have anyone to hang out with I hung out with, Chubby and I took selfies that weren’t called selfies yet.”

“[This photo] won the “Pet Selfie” Contest at my vet’s office. It was fun to see her cuteness officially recognized.”

“And then Chubby showed me off to college…”

“We started to see Chubby’s health decline over the last couple years. First came the cataracts.”

“She began to lose her hearing and eventually lost the rest.”

“She started losing traction in her paws so we had to put a rug by her water and food bowls. Then she had trouble sleeping.”

“A week ago, she started vomiting and stopped eating all together. She got some medicine to help with the nausea but that didn’t seem to work.”

“I decided to do a portrait session with Chubby about a week ago. This was when I knew her time was soon but not right around the corner.”

“Her blood work results came back fine so we decided to go with an x-ray. That’s when we found the gallstones.”

“Surgery was the only sure fire way to fix it and we knew she was too weak for surgery.”

“We made the decision to let her go on Monday. I’m writing this while she’s still alive because I know if I were to wait until after she was gone my brain would be mush and I wouldn’t be able to type through my tears.”

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