This Dog’s Owner Passed Away, But What He Did After Touched The Entire World.

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Here’s another reason to love dogs.

Ciccio was a German shepherd stray who was adopted by a woman named Maria Lochi. The two did everything together, including attending mass at Santa Maria Assunta church in San Donaci in southern Italy. When Maria passed away in November of 2012, he showed up at her funeral by himself and followed her coffin as it was carried away by members of the church. Even after her death, Ciccio continued to attend mass everyday.

Sadly Ciccio passed away months later. He died in his sleep. The villagers believe that he realized she wasn’t coming back and he wanted to join her. RIP Ciccio.


What a touching story, it brought tears to my eyes. Share this with your friends and family and remember to hug your dog(s).

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