She Carefully Cut Up An Old Map, Her Next Move… Best DIY Idea Ever!


The user chose a specific spot in the map. A pen was used to trace the hexagon shaped tile that would be used as a coaster.

It’s very hard to keep a memento for every place in the world one has visited. There are only so many tourist key chains and T-shirts one can collect before it loses its meaning. Reddit user GoldenBaby spent one semester studying abroad.

This gave the student the opportunity to visit and discover some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. And with each new location, GoldenBaby accumulated a lot of maps to help get around and learn what every city has to offer.

Once back home, the Reddit user didn’t want to forget all the wonderful memories and experience in places like Paris, Bilbao, and Athens. This traveller took some of the maps to cut out and use for coasters. The DIY project was very inexpensive and easy to do. Most importantly, it’s a great way to immortalize a once in a lifetime trip.