She Turns Random Coffee Stains Into Freakishly Good Art, My Favorite Is ‘The Kiss.’

Clean freaks be warned, the images you are about to witness may not be suitable for people who despise spills and messes. For the rest of us, you will see one artist who sees not what needs to be wiped clean but an opportunity to create very cool art.

Giulia Bernadelli is an artist unlike any other. She does not use traditional tools like a paint brush or a pen but coffee spills, a glass of wine or drops from a melting ice cream cone. The 28-year-old museum worker from Mantova, Italy is an unconventional painter. Her masterpieces are much smaller and more accessible. The really neat part about Bernadelli's art is that she plans nothing in advance but lets her free-flowing talent guide her hand.

Chances are she has honed her talent for years, possibly since childhood. This is probably one person whose parents refrained from telling her not to play with her food.