Artist Dropped 15,000 Coins On A Street, Then Filmed People’s Reaction.

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These two decided to try a great experiment.

Recently AirBnb host Jamahl McMurran and his guest, artist Lana Mesic, tried a cool human experiment. Lana had 15,000 coins that she had used on a previous project and she didn’t know what to do with them. So they decided to put them on a sidewalk near a canal and see how people would react when they came across the pile.

There were 15,000 coins in total and each one was a 2 pound coin. Since a 2 pound coin is worth $2.60, the overall total of the pile was a whopping $39,000.

Watch and see how people reacted when they came upon this small fortune unexpectedly!

Jamahl McMurran, AirBnB host, and his guest Lana Mesic tried a new human experiment. Lana needed to do something with the coins she had used in a previous project.

Jamahl / Twitter