20 Winter Facts You Can Use To Impress Your Friends… Everyone Loves #11.

Last year, members of Finland's Reindeer Herders' Association sprayed the antlers of about 400 reindeer with glow-in-the-dark paint to help avoid automobile/livestock collisions.

Winter is always much longer than we expect it to be, and it doesn't end until March 19 in the Northern Hemisphere. We've still got a few more months. But while it's here, we might as well enjoy it.

Even though holiday music may be a bit played out, we can continue drinking our favorite hot beverages, cuddling in furry blankets with our favorite furry friends, and soaking in fascinating facts and stories like those included in the list below!

Here you'll find a selection of survival stories, world record holders, the price of the world's most expensive meat pie, and much more!