This Is What Happens To Flowers At -15F… I Can’t Wait To Try This!

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Okay, okay: We all know that Minnesota is cold. Really cold. It's only natural, given that it's at one of the most northern point in the country. They get ice, snow, and immediate frostbite if their limbs aren't covered.

Apparently, they also know how to use the chilly temperatures to their advantage.

According to this video's uploader, it's so cold in MN that if you leave flowers outside overnight, they will completely freeze. In fact, they get so frigid and stiff that the next morning, you can actually shatter them to pieces -- kind of like dropping a light bulb on the ground. We didn't believe it at first, but it's true (and super cool to watch). Check out the video below. If anything, it will remind you why you don't live in Minnesota.


Next, how to make frozen bubbles.

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