Germany Has Just Raised The Bar On Waterslide Awesomeness.

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Waterslides aren’t normally my thing (something about a steep incline of rushing water and my bathing suit never seem to coexist peacefully, resulting in some embarrassing situations), but I might just be willing to make an exception for a waterslide as epic as this one.

It’s called the Black Hole, and it’s located at an indoor waterpark and amusement center in Bremerhaven, Germany. When you enter the slide, it gives the illusion of entering a wormhole: careening through darkness with no perceivable path. Of course, it’s not totally black: There are some space-age LED lights along the way. Add to the fact that it’s 256 feet long and 25 feet tall, this waterslide is basically the coolest one out there. If you think you’d be too chicken to try it, you can almost get the full experience by watching the video below.

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