17 Funny Photos That Are Actually Impossible, I Can’t Stop Thinking About What’s In That Truck.

Photographer Stephen McMennamy has a highly creative eye. Aside from taking vibrant and colourful pictures, he also combines different images to create neat optical illusions and humorous juxtapositions.

In his #ComboPhoto series, you will see an automobile with wheels made of donuts or an ice-cream cone that doubles for a step ski slope. His art looks deceptively simple and easy to replicate. However, his ability to marry two completely different images to create thought-provoking and highly entertaining works of art is what really sets him apart from other photographers.

And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a creative director at an advertising agency where he has ample time and creative energy to come up with really interesting pieces. Some of us will be left hoping there is a gigantic tub of ice cream somewhere that requires an excavator to utilize as a scoop.