The Funniest Entries From 2017’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

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Trying to find the perfect balance in life in Madagascar.

Wildlife photographers spend countless hours attempting to capture the perfect moment when animals showcase their grace, strength, and beauty. It is irrelevant just how hot, cold, or even dangerous the elements are if you can seize that split second of photography magic.

Not every image captured by the lens is perfect. In fact, animals are not only unpredictable, they can also be quirky and goofy. This is what Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is looking for from contestants.

This is the third year the organization is holding the contest. To encourage other photographers to submit their fun and comical photos, they have released some of the entries they have received thus far.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was founded by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam.

Yamamoto Tsuneo