Step-By-Step Photos Of How This Guy Built A GIANT Game Of Connect 4.


Using a laptop to do the grid layout was the first step. Two plywood sheets with 42 holes each had to be made.

Playing boardgames require patience, analytical, and strategic thinking to win everytime. A good game can keep kids and adults entertained for hours on end. Connect Four is one of those classic games that you are either naturally gifted at it or you keep playing with the hopes you will win the next time.

The purpose of the game is to drop your discs from the top columns to connect the same colours whether it’s diagonally, horizontally or vertically. According to die-hard fans, the person who has the first turn is capable of winning the game every time if done right.

One dad wanted to surprise his son with his own version of the game. Instead, of running to the store to purchased one, the man built his son his own personal and gigantic Connect Four game just in time for his birthday party. This may be one of those birthdays everyone is talking about years from now.