34 Unbelievable Construction Fails That Actually Happened… #27 Probably Got Fired.


Not even sure what this person was going for.

One of the saddest sights in the world is witnessing the aftermath of someone who really, really tried to do a great job, but just couldn't quite cut the mustard. Sometimes, their error is so obvious that you wonder if they actually knew what they were supposed to be doing. Other times, the mistake they made is one that you could have easily made yourself.

These 34 people all had one job do to, and well...let's just say it didn't get done.

Look, it's okay. We know what you meant.

This isn't going to work the way you thought it was.

A home for those who like to exit and enter via leap.

If you are under the influence of drugs, it is best not to look at this photo.

This is going to cause some problems.

You say "giant gaping hole in the road," I say "an opportunity to increase the sewer population."

Nah, bro.

This is just cruel.

Surely this will protect their home.

We don't want this photo to be real, just for their sakes.

Not cool. Short people need banks, too.

An uncomfortable arrangement.

Built to prevent people trying to hurry up and leave.

They may avoid being injured by a fire, but something tells us they'll suffer another kind of injury.


An interesting take on the classic back door.

I would be angry if I climbed all of those stairs for nothing.

Alright, well, I guess they'll just go around.

Calling it like he sees it.

These textured sidewalks are built for blind people - and possibly by blind people.

Someone should give that lil' window a hand.

This didn't go as planned.

This is the Awkward Dad Joke of windows.

They worked with what they had, and I respect it.

This is going to hold up shipping times.

You almost had it. Almost.

Remind me to avoid crossing this bridge.

Mother Nature wants what she wants.

Would be cool if this pit were filled with water instead of, you know, concrete.

Unfortunately, no amount of wizardry will spare them from this mistake.

If you try hard and believe in yourself, you can do both at once.

Urban planning at its absolute finest.

Is it a bad door that's supposed to look like a window, or a bad window that's supposed to look like a door?

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