25 Awesome Photos That Sum Up Why We Love Cats So Much.

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Most of the time cats don't really care what anyone else thinks of them.

When it comes to cats, their behavior can be so unusual sometimes. Their behavior is practically unpredictable and when they do something, it simply defies our explanation. But no one can deny that they're supremely entertaining. But as cats continue to baffle, cat lovers are coming to terms with the fact that they're just one of life's furry mysteries. But rather than try and decipher their body language and enigmatic behavior, it's just easier to allow ourselves to bask and their wackiness, and there's no better way to do that than with these amazing photos that sum up why we love cats so much.

On occasion, cats will check themselves out in the mirror when no one's looking to make sure that they're still the fairest in all the land. Here's looking at you, kid!