Travel Blogger Creeped Out By ‘Fan’ Who Makes EXACT Copes Of Her Photos.

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In some cases imitation is the best form of flattery, but this was really pushing it to the limit.

We all have a bit of a stalkerish side lurking inside of us, especially when it comes to some of our favorite celebs. They don't all have to be Hollywood actors or actresses either. Some people have become so famous on Instagram that they've accrued a mass following of all walks of life, including a couple of crazies. But how far would you go to prove to your favorite celeb or Instagram star that you "love" them? Well one fan decided it might be fun to copycat the object of her obsession's Instagram photos and she went to a rather expensive extreme to do so.

Just ask travel photographers Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris, an Instagram power couple who are well known on social media for taking photos in exotic locations throughout the world and were now being imitated in an unusual way.

Instagrammer @diana_alexa was one of Lauren And Jack's Instagram followers.

In fact, she loved the traveling duos Instagram pages so much that she resorted to visiting the exact same destinations the couple had visited. Clearly money wasn't the issue here, but sanity certainly comes into question.

That wasn't the weirdest part yet. The Insta-stalker wanted to make things perfect.

So she recreated Lauren and Jack's original poses, outfits, camera angle and composition.

"Diana" didn't just copy the images either. She copied everything.

This included the captions on some photos, which made it extra creepy.

You can only obsess about someone so long before you start to feel like you're one of them.

So when "Diana" couldn't make it to a particular destination, she simply stole it from Jack Morris' images and claimed it was one of her own images.

With so many weird people out there, Lauren and Jack decided they needed to protect themselves.

So Lauren tried reaching out to "Diana to try and resolve the issue, which resulted in "Diana" privatizing her Instagram account. Lauren also took to her blog to share the terrifying experience of the woman who tried to recreate her photos in painstaking detail to the point where it wasn't just copying, it was creepy as heck.

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