Two Baby Goats + One Antique Sofa = 60 Seconds Of Clumsy Happiness.

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It’s easy to assume that those that are experts at something were born knowing. It is not very often we get to see the amount of time and work involved in to be almost perfect at something. It takes persistence, patience, and a lot of love to be awesome at a specific skill.

Take for instance, Wilma and Lentil. One may assume these baby goats are masters at jumping. We may expect them to have to try a jump maybe once or twice and know exactly what they need to do. It is in their nature after all to jump and keep their balances on top of hills and rocky mountains. You would think jumping on a couch is a piece of cake.

Yet, Wilma and Lentil are not the most coordinated goats when it comes to getting on top of a green couch. Despite some slippery and clumsy falls these two are not willing to give up. Take a look at the perfect example of just not giving up, no matter what.

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