Awesome Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s Three Children.

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It all happened very suddenly.

Audrey was going to the hospital for some testing the next morning, so she asked her neighbor, Tisha, if she could watch her three kids overnight. That in itself is a nice gesture because Tisha has five kids of her own. It turned out that Audrey was extremely sick and the kids never left Tisha’s house. Very soon after that, Audrey passed away.

Tisha didn’t know Audrey all that well but she didn’t want those kids to go into foster care, so she took them in permanently. They became their legal guardians and eventually adopted them, making their family a whopping ten members.

They did the best they could but it was obviously a struggle for them. A local news channel stepped in and turned their home into a livable space for the ten person family. It was the best Christmas gift anyone could get. Included in the transformation of their house was a year’s worth of free groceries and a brand new car.

Tisha did the unthinkable by expanding her already large family and she did so without a second thought. The kind act was repaid to her and her family by several members of the community. This is a great story of good people helping good people!

Audrey asked her neighbor Tisha to watch her three kids one night while she went to the hospital the next morning for a test. It turned out she was very sick and very shortly after that Audrey was gone.

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She wanted the kids to be safe.

Tisha didn't even know Audrey all that well. It was all about helping the kids.

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Tisha took all of the kids into her home.

Tisha had grown up in an orphanage and she wasn't going to let that happen to Audrey's kids.

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Move over Brady Bunch!

The addition of three kids makes the Brady Bunch look like the minor leagues. There are now 8 kids in the home.

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The house got a new look.

They got Tisha set up for a week at the casino where she worked. When she was gone they took over the house and completely remodeled the inside.

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Working quickly.

With the help of several people in the area, they were able to do about 6 weeks worth of work... in just four days!

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Tisha had no idea what was done to her home while she was away. She couldn't understand why so many people were outside when she came back.

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The house was totally transformed.

The living room was much more organized when the "Surprise Squad" was finished. Everyone had their own little area of storage.

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The house received new rooms and all new furniture.

The oldest daughter didn't have an actual bedroom. She slept in an open area. Now she has a very nicely done bedroom.

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The house transformation wasn't the only surprise.

The "Surprise Squad" also gave the family of ten a year's worth of free groceries AND a brand new vehicle!

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**Watch the transformation of the house and see the look of surprise and shock when their see their new home!**

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