27 Fights That Every Couple Will Have… #24 Is Awful Beyond Words.

There is a commonly held belief that love lasts forever. I think that’s true for the most part until the little habits or quirks we originally thought were cute and endearing in our partner become major problems as months and years go by.

How many people have had issues over leaving the toilet seat up or not properly restocking toilet tissue once it’s at the bare roll. In other occasions, we feel we are going to reach the boiling point when our significant other eats our favourite snacks. What’s worse is when we play or are the recipients of practical jokes. The funny thing is that intimacy and its many joys goes hand-in-hand with pet peeves and irritations.

I think the key to a lasting and loving relationship is to appreciate the humour and brush off little annoyances that could drive us crazy. The other alternative is to prepare a couch for our loved one to remind them you are not to be messed with.