What This Husband Did While His Wife Was Out Of Town… So Manly!


Andrew Payne had the house all to himself for 20 days, giving him plenty of time to give his basement a total transformation. Payne’s wife Silvia and their daughter were away visiting family, allowing the handy man the opportunity to put in laminate flooring, paint the walls, and install overhead lighting.

The family man even installed a new fridge and flat screen TV to ensure food and entertainment are readily available while hanging out in the newly developed digs. Payne did not put in hours of labor for a man cave with a pool table. Instead, he turned his basement into a craft room for his wife and daughter.

Payne admits he is not finished with his DIY. Besides building tables and a storage room, Payne plans on adding a sink and faucet. And after doing all that work for his spouse, it’s only fair that this awesome husband and father plans to use the joining room in the basement for a home theater. It seems only fair.

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