Proud Owners Show Off The Craziest Haircuts They've Given Their Dogs.

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This dog seems to have come out of Pablo Picasso's Cubism period or a pixelated 80s video game.

Your dad may have given you one of the worst haircuts ever when you were a little boy or a little girl. And those bizarre haircuts have probably even left you scarred for life. But it doesn't come close to some of the wackier alternative haircuts that these pets got. Some are unfortunate, while others are kind of adorable, sure, but it sort of seems like some of these poor pooches have fought a lawnmower, and the lawnmower won. Ouch.

While the puppy looks absolutely adorbs, he's got this bizarre, almost cartoonish box cut on his head. If that weren't odd enough, the owners replicated the same cubic style on the hairs on its face, which looks like a giant ice cube.