14 Crazy Hotels That Will Give You Serious Travel Goals.


The Floating Hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania is exactly what it sounds like, and gives guest some incredibly perspectives on sea life.

We’ll just start by saying this: These might be hotels, but they’re not your typical business suites or budget vacation rentals. These hotels are over-the-top, insanely well-designed, and located in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

From floating cabanas in Zanzibar to giraffe-occupied properties in Tanzania, to igloos in Finland with the Northern Lights as the main event, these hotels will take you well beyond the queen suites and continental breakfasts and into a realm of travel excellence that you never thought possible.

The Attrap Reves Hotel in France gives guest the chance to sleep outdoors while being fully protected by a well-designed clear bubble -- in other words, all the views with none of the critters.

The Kingston Treehouse in Lion Sands, South Africa is basically a luxury treehouse, keeping guests away form wildlife while giving them spectacular views.

The Amsterdam Zaandam Inntel Hotel in the Netherlands looks like a puzzle and takes it's inspiration from historic Dutch architecture: Whimsical, bright, and totally cool.

The Free Spirit Sphers in Canada give guest magnificent views of the forest, along with adorable dome-shaped rooms for two.

Plane Hotel in Costa Rica was created from a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 that made a safe landing in the area. And don't worry: the interior is a lot better than anything you'd find in a regular airplane.

The Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel in Sweden is like a hideout in the trees: The entire thing is camouflaged behind mirrored walls.

Caravan Hotel in Berlin, Germany is like camping for people who aren't really into experiencing the elements: It's camping quarters, but it's all indoors.

Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey is right in the middle of Cappadocia, famous for the tufa rock cones. In fact, portions of the hotel are actually carved from the cones themselves.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya is one of the only hotels in the entire world where you can feed giraffes from the window -- in fact, feeding them is encouraged.

Äscher Cliff in Switzerland sits right on the edge of a steep cliff, a perfect getaway for travelers who like a little bit of riskiness (not to mention hiking) with their overnight stay.

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland gives guest the chance to stay the night in an updated igloo. This hotel is most popular during the Aurora Borealis, where guests get the best seats in the house.

98Acre Teafield Hotel in Sri Lanka is high up in the mountains, right in the middle of Sri Lanka's vast valleys of tea fields.

Glass Floor Udang House in Bali, Indonesia boasts incredible floors to the water, plus luxurious furniture for travelers to rest their weary heads.