26 Crazy Lawsuits That Are So Ridiculous, We Can't Help But Roll Our Eyes.

A Romanian prisoner named Mircea Pavel was serving 20 years behind bars and he sued God for it.

When we think of lawsuits and courtrooms, we imagine serious cases dealing with assault, theft, and murder. But there’s also such a thing as frivolous lawsuits, which are a lot more common than one would think. In fact, there are some people that totally abuse their privilege to sue. So, they’ve taken companies and individuals to court over the silliest little things and the most shocking thing of all is that in some cases, they’ve actually won. But in other circumstances, the courts didn’t see fit to coddle or humor these plaintiffs. So, check out these cases that will have you scratching your head.

Pavel was in prison for murder but felt that God turned his back on him when He failed to answer his prayers. So, Pavel sued God for fraud, betrayal of trust, corruption and influence peddling. But the Timisoara court in western Romania dismissed the case quick and easy.