Guinness World Record’s Weirdest Entries Of 2016.

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The most Mentos fountains set off simultaneously was a sight to see!

When someone looks to find the most amazing feats or things in the world there is only one stop they need to make. Guinness World Records has long been known as the official place to go to find world records for whatever you are looking for. If you spend any time digging through their official records you will find some truly weird stuff.

You will find things that you didn’t even know existed, let alone had world records attached to them. It’s good entertainment to give their records a look over and you’ll definitely learn at least one new thing, most likely a lot more.

Today we will look at some of the world records that aren’t a daily conversation piece. You may not talk about them tomorrow but you will certainly talk about them today when you see your friends. In just a few minutes you’ll be filled with all kinds of new information like what was the most Mentos fountains set off at the same time, what is the most times a dog caught a soccer ball in a minute or what is the longest ballpoint pen in the world.

If you are one of the people that like to learn something new every day, today is for you!

In November of 2014, the world record was set when this huge explosion took place. 4,334 Mentos fountains were set off at the same time creating not only a new world record, but quite a mess as well.

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