25 Carved Pumpkins That Are So Good, They’re Basically Works Of Art.

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The beasts of Where the Wild Things Are have never looked more joyful than they do on this pumpkin.

On Halloween night, when trick-or-treaters run around collecting as much candy as they can, the first thing they encounter when approaching a person's home is its decorations. Some people go all out with the scary effects and others like to keep it simple. Whatever it is that you prefer, a jack-o-lantern or two is usually a staple in the Halloween decor.

Jack-o-lantern designs can be very predictable, however. Many designs get repeated over and over every year, making it hard for a person to create a unique pumpkin.

That didn't stop the people below. Instead, they've accepted the challenge and strived to be even more creative.

Just looking at this puts a smile on my face.