Watch Amazing Time-Lapse Footage Of A Ship Being Built From The Ground Up.

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It seems that with every new cruise ship built the size is of impressive magnitude. Every new structure outdoes the previous one with modern engineering, using the latest technology. The AIDAprima is the latest cruise ship from AIDA cruises.

The vessel is an impressive design, made to reduce its CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The 18 passenger decks, indoor and outdoor pools, shops, restaurants, rock climbing wall, and lazy river is a paradise while it travels the world. It took a massive amount of work for the 3,000 passengers and 900 crew members to make this ship their temporary home and getaway.

Four cameras were set to record non-stop the construction of AIDAprima at the Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan. The amount of materials and human labour to build this ship is nothing short of astounding. The AIDAprima made its debut at its christening in Hamburg, Germany on May 7th, 2016. It was no coincidence that the reveal coincided with the 827th Hamburg Port Anniversary.

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