25 Things You Should Know About Cruise Ships Before You Depart.

There’s a major difference between the staff and the crew of a cruise ship.

Going on a cruise is an ideal vacation because you can travel, meet new people, and enjoy some beautiful scenery on your way to an exotic destination. But while you might think it’s all fun and games, there are some things about cruising that cruise ship employees don’t want you to know about. A lot of these secrets involve how they operate, the conditions on the ship during a crisis, and the rules and restrictions each staff member must follow. So, we’ve done some digging and have uncovered some top secrets that cruise ship staff would prefer to keep to themselves.

General crew members refer to cooks, waiters, busboys, housekeeping, bartenders, cabin stewards, and maintenance, but staff members refer to guest relations, entertainers, computer technicians, sports and fitness staff, and videographers. So, in essence, crew members are at the bottom of the food chain but would prefer it if no one found out.