I Thought This Was A Regular Pool… Then I Saw The Rest And My Jaw Dropped.


Don’t get lost without your sunscreen… or you’re screwed!

It turns out this man hasn’t discovered the secret to levitating on his back (darn!). He’s actually floating in the largest pool in the world, located at the San Alfonso Del Mar private resort in Algarrobo, Chile.

The pool is over half a mile long, and covers 20 acres!

It contains 66,000,000 gallons of seawater…

… and has a maximum depth of 115 feet.

Ahhh… bliss!

This pool cost $2 billion to build, and requires $4 million in annual maintenance.

The water is pumped, filtered and treated from the Pacific Ocean.

The pool opened in 2006, and is just waiting for your visit!

Now THAT is what I call a pool. The most magical part is it's probably the biggest, clearest body of water on the planet. SHARE this awesome pool if you would love to go here.