Cheeky Alligator Plays ‘Ring And Run' On This Unsuspecting Home.

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It’s always a good idea to be friendly and introduce yourself to the neighbours. That’s what we think an alligator had in mind when he walked over to a house in Lowcountry, South Carolina. Local resident Gary Rogers was out walking his dog when he filmed the gator's friendly visit.

“The gator was not aggressive at all,” says Rogers. Alligator sightings are pretty common in South Carolina. Approximately 100,000 American alligators live in the state, appearing in golf courses, pools, and beaches. This animal feeds off of turtles, snakes, fish, and small mammals. They have been known to aggressively approach humans if they have been fed by them before.

Jamie Weathersbee-Bailey was not home when the alligator not only went to her place but also rang her doorbell but thinks he may return for a visit another time. We think this alligator has impeccable manners.

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