Important Lessons One Couple Learned After A Year Of Living In A Tiny House.

Curtiss and Kelly

There's no denying that life can get expensive, especially for those that have the heart of an adventurer. Fortunately, thanks to remote professions and YouTube videos, people are turning in their 9-5 jobs to pursue a more "gratifying" way of life. This couple was tired of the lives they were living, so they made some drastic changes to transform their lives into something entirely different. And the best part about their story is that they proved that anyone can do it, too!

Curtiss O’Rourke Stedman and his partner Kelly Tousley didn’t meet one another in what most people would consider a traditional way. Living in Michigan, Curtiss received an offer that he couldn’t refuse. He was an English teacher and he was offered a position in the beautiful state of Alaska. Being a natural adventurer, it wasn’t something he could pass up, but he didn’t really want to do the long drive to Alaska all by himself.