She Cut A Hole In The Crotch Of Her Leggings For A Reason I’d Never Considered.


So you rummaged through your closet and couldn't find one cute crop top.

Want a crop top but don't feel like buying a new one? Perhaps you're just really into recycling rather than throwing stuff away. Well guess what? One DIY fashion guru by the name of Handimania can show you how to reincarnate those old leggings into a cute new top. It's so addictive that you'll want to turn all of your leggings into tops, and then you'll be sad because you won't have any leggings. But that's okay because at least you'll get to sport a cool new crop top. Just make sure to wash them first so that the neckline doesn't smell like old crotch.

That's alright. You just need to grab a pair of old leggings. Changing them into a top isn't really that hard to do.

Handimania / YouTube

There's a super easy fashion trick that you can do at home.

All you need are a pair of scissors and a pair of leggings you wouldn't think twice about using ever again.

Handimania / YouTube

Now you're ready to get started.

The idea is to cut a hole in the crotch of your leggings.

Handimania / YouTube

First off, you have to fold the leggings together.

But do make sure that they're symmetrical and even or you'll wind up with some undesirable results.

Handimania / YouTube

Don't just start cutting blindly.

Make sure and mark the semi circle along the crotch area first.

Handimania / YouTube

It's cutting time, but watch out for those fingers.

Take your scissors and cut out the crotch. It's best that you try cutting in a crescent shape.

Handimania / YouTube

Don't worry about the leggings fraying too quickly.

It will take several washes, especially if the leggings are made with knits. Of course if you have leggings that are made with fleece, that would be the best choice of fabric.

Handimania / YouTube

If you're a perfectionist, there's a great way to add a finishing touch to your crop top.

Finish the edge with a zig-zag stitch or serge it to make it clean, nice and neat. If your arms are a little shorter than your legs, then cut them... we mean the fabric. That way you'll get a perfect fit.

Handimania / YouTube

Now you're ready to try it on and rock a few pictures wearing it.

And voila! Just like that you stick your head in the hole, place your arms where you legs would have gone and you've got yourself one kickass crop top.

Handimania / YouTube

There's an even cooler solution if you're planning on wearing your top in the middle of summer.

Just roll up your sleeves and you'll have a crop top that you can wear in any temperature.

Handimania / YouTube

Check out this video to figure out how you can turn your leggings into a cool 80's style crop top.

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