The Teeniest, Cutest Animals In The World Will Give You A Reason To Smile.

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Pygmy marmoset

It's hard to say why our human brains seem to short out from cuteness overload every time we see something tiny. For whatever reason, unreasonably small things make us go nuts, whether it's a tiny baby with widdle-bitty fingers, a miniature meal with a teensy-weensy fork, or a model car with a precious little glove compartment that really opens. Admit it: You said "awwww" just thinking about it.

Tiny animals produce a particularly profound reaction in our hearts and minds, especially ones that just look like miniature versions of their usual selves. Here, we've compiled 20 of the most delightfully precious and aww-inspiring animals on the planet - #14 might make your head explode from the cuteness.