She Has Found A Way Of Capturing The Darkly Haunting Beauty Of These Czech Women.

Karolina Ryvolova is a proud Czech. She finds nature and the women of her country to be the perfect muse for her photography. Her images are haunting, capturing the mystical and occult folklore from her native country.

The Czech Republic, dubbed the Land of Stories, seems filled with supernatural tales from which Ryvolova draws her inspiration. She uses brave or possibly unwitting models willing to pose in the Bor forest where popular lore claims restless souls roam after drowning in the swampy bog; others have dubbed the area as an entrance to Hell.

Ryvolova’s pictures are beautiful but dark, mysterious with a strong influence of the paranormal. Stories that defy explanation have existed of the area for over 400 years Other photographers who have taken photos in the Bor Forest have claimed to have found unexplained silhouettes in their pictures not present during the shoot. Enjoy the photos below but view at your own risk.