20 Father-Daughter Costumes That Have Already Won Halloween.


Father and daughter are going to terrify the neighbours; both children and adults.

Dads are just boys who never quite grew up. That explains why fathers tend to do the fun and frivolous things while moms everywhere worry. Men just know that you will only be a kid once and the best way to get away with mischief again is to join in on the fun your kids are having.

That is why Halloween is so special. Fathers everywhere get to terrorize both their kids and also the rest of the neighbourhood as well, and get away with it. Some dads may just want to focus on their own costumes, completely separate in theme from their kids. While others think outside the box and make it into a family concept.

The child’s costume may be impressive and the dad’s cool as well but not until you put it together do you realize it’s pretty epic. For this Halloween costume photo series, it’s all about the dads and their little girls. We are particularly fond of #5.


Wayne's World remake with a much smaller Garth.


Rapunzel has her own mobile tower.


When you can't beat them, you have no choice but join them.


The second Guardians of the Galaxy will feature Groot's offspring.


Dock Ock does not look as menacing as we expected him err, her to be.


When you see a ghost, who are you going to call?


Every little girl wants to be just like their daddy. On Halloween, you get to dress like him too.


Spirited Away brings Chihiro and No Face to life.

Mario and Princess Peach 2016 edition.


Only problem is that she is too short to cover him from the rain.


When the Walking Dead's Michonne is much smaller than the zombies.

Princes Leia, I am your father. No really, this is daddy under the costume.

Mike and Sully seemed to have lost Boo again.


Karl Lagerfeld is always surrounded by young, beautiful models.


This mini Vader comes with a crown and pink ensemble to match daddy's menacing outfit.


The marionette and puppeteer dynamic duo.


Chunk true to his (her) promise to take care of Sloth forever.


This bee catcher caught the biggest and cutest bee of all.

He caught them stealing the candy at home.