Deaf Husband Discovers He’s Going To Be A Dad, And Has The Sweetest Reaction.

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Brittany Welch gave her husband David the best birthday surprise. Brittany handed David a green bag and shot a video as he pulled out the goodies to catch his reaction. She placed three clues in the bag for him to figure out what his present really was.

David who is deaf and communicates using American Sign Language, innocently played along.


Among the tissue papers, David found a Baby Ruth chocolate bar and a bottle of Dad’s Root Beer. When he began to piece together the clues, his hands started to shake. When he pulled out the last item, there was no doubt: David was going to be a dad.

Brittany explained she had found out earlier in the day that she was a couple of weeks pregnant. It could not be better timing to give her hubby the happy news, particularly on such a memorable day. This year’s birthday will probably always have a special spot in David’s heart.

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