30 Matching Dad & Daughter Tattoos That Will Make You Rethink Your “No Tattoo” Policy.


You can groan all you want, but despite their obvious appearances, these tattoo slices are not cheesy.

Most of us already know that matching tattoos are a real hit among couples. But while this trend might be romantic as heck, it can also be used to symbolize a different type of love. Now some girls will eventually grow up to find their Prince Charming and (hopefully) spend the rest of their lives with them. But romantic love doesn't always hold. Fortunately, there is another bond that is just as powerful and that happens to be the love between a father and a daughter. So, in honor of this heartwarming bond, we present to you some of the coolest tattoos ever. These clever designs prove that love looks prettier in ink.

They're essentially saying that they're two of the most important slices in their family's extra-large pizza.


Most dads are like medieval knights who always fight the good fight to keep their daughters safe.

If this tattoo proves anything it's that dads also spawn some darn good fighters-in-training too.


Ask any daughter and they'll tell you that their dad is hands down their ultimate partners in crime.

Dads can also make one awesome drinking buddy, because obviously, it's five o'clock somewhere.


It's all fun and games when a father and daughter have mutual love and respect for one another.

It also helps when you both love Super Mario Bros. Now who wants to be the red and green mushroom?


Hearts may be the most basic tattoos around, but they're worth a lot more than a million bucks.

When your daughter moves out and gets homesick, she'll still have something to remind her of you.


Some father-daughter relationships can hit a snag, especially when life gets in the way.

At least they'll have these reminders that no matter how stinky things get, they'll always have cheese.


Elephants... who doesn't love them? They're huge, much like the love between a daughter and her dad.

They say that elephants never forget, and with these tats, these two won't forget the love they share...ever.


You just have to follow the arrows to know that this father and daughter love the same thing.

Oh sure, they obviously love each other, but they also share a love for their team, the Seminoles.


Wrist tattoos are the epitome of a father-daughter relationships, especially if you love Batman.

You'll be going batty over these matching tattoos because everything is better with the Dark Knight.


You won't find a tattoo that's got as much magic as this father and daughter have in their hearts.

Like father like daughter! It looks like a love for wizardry and Harry Potter runs in their bloodline.


Do you have a love for cats? Well then you should definitely get these high-fiving cat tattoos.

We just love these cute matching tattoos, and every time you high five each other, your cats will too.


Here's an interesting twist to a conventional ying-yang tattoo using black and white ghosts.

Talk about spooky! You'll start running when you see these father-daughter matching tattoos.


What a sweet sentiment! It's true that the love for a father and daughter is as permanent as tattoos.

There's nothing cuter than a reminder that family is family no matter what happens or how old you get.


The love between a father and daughter lasts forever, and these tattoos make the perfect symbol.

The infinity symbol between each of the hearts ensures that your love for each other will last a lifetime.


You'll only get these lines if you're a huge fan of the film, The Fifth Element, which these two are.

To some of us these might look like squiggly lines, but they probably mean the world to his dad and daughter.


You and your dad's love will continue to grow and these infinity tattoos symbolizes an eternity of love.

As you know, tattoos have different meanings. This one is widely used to express endless love.


You can show how much you love your dad by sporting a tattoo that shows pride in your home state.

Daughters may move out. But with this symbol of Alaska, they'll always have a reminder of home.


Tattoos can remind us of a dad's impulsive judgment to let his daughter do whatever she wants.

In this one, a little girl is allowed to walk her dog, but the dog takes off and drags her with him.


Being a dad can feel like you've won the lottery, and so can being a daughter with a great dad.

You don't have to be Irish to have the luck of the Irish. All you need is love and these 4-leaf clovers.


Having a cool dad and being an awesome daughter can make you want to shout and kick your heels up.

Maybe they love playing soccer or going to karate. Either way, the tats symbolize the time they share.


Go "XOXO" on each other with these heart tattoos that will remind both of you that love is special.

Just because you've physically grown apart, doesn't mean your love has to.


What's love without some ink and a bit of humor? This father-daughter duo made the right choice.

At least this dad is man enough to admit that he'll never ever argue over who loves who more.


You don't need a compass to guide you back to the man that sired you. Just look at your arm.

These compass tattoos will always point their hearts in the direction of their mutual love for each other.


How about some country love with these matching father-daughter tattoos in each of your arms?

Yes, it's a heart, but we're sure dad won't mind because it's got all those manly sharp edges on top.


You can never go wrong with a yin-yang tattoo that reflects peace and harmony, much like your bond.

Maybe you've had a disagreement over curfews. But these tattoos remind you that you love each other deeply, and that will never change.


These tattoos are out of this world, which is awesome because that's how far your love extends.

UFO tattoos can be so freaking special because they're spontaneous, funny, and simply unique.


A love between a father and daughter is like an anchor that helps you to focus on what's important.

Just in case, you forget, just look at the anchor tattoos on your wrists. They'll keep you grounded.


Gaze upon the wrists of two of the bravest father and daughter warriors in all of the kingdom.

We know that dads are warriors, but where the heck would they be without their warrior princess?

Pop Sugar

A father is every daughter's hero because they're always around to get them out of a jam.

Now can you imagine a better matching tattoo than one with Homer Simpson trying to save Maggie?


Here's a tattoo that flies high. True love is based on freedom.

Fathers show their little girls unconditional love while instilling confidence to help them fly the coop.