30 Matching Dad & Daughter Tattoos That Will Make You Rethink Your “No Tattoo” Policy.

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You can groan all you want, but despite their obvious appearances, these tattoo slices are not cheesy.

Most of us already know that matching tattoos are a real hit among couples. But while this trend might be romantic as heck, it can also be used to symbolize a different type of love. Now some girls will eventually grow up to find their Prince Charming and (hopefully) spend the rest of their lives with them. But romantic love doesn't always hold. Fortunately, there is another bond that is just as powerful and that happens to be the love between a father and a daughter. So, in honor of this heartwarming bond, we present to you some of the coolest tattoos ever. These clever designs prove that love looks prettier in ink.

They're essentially saying that they're two of the most important slices in their family's extra-large pizza.