Bulldog And Fish Caught In A Real-Life Tale Of Romeo And Juliet.

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Love is love and no one can tell anyone who they should fall in love with. Even if the one you are in love with is a koi fish named Frank when you are a French bulldog named Daisy. The unlikely pair don’t really care about other people’s or species opinions. They want to be together and take every possible opportunity to get close to pucker up.

Their human Carie Bredy doesn’t know who began the love affair, she just knows it’s the real deal. “I don’t know how it happened first, but Frank would come right up to her and [Daisy] dipped her face down to the water and they started kissing,” says Bredy. She assumed their kissing was just a curious one time thing but it continues to happen.

Frank now ignores the other fish, waiting for Daisy to come and spend time with him. Although, experts warn against animal and human touching fish because they can pass a disease to it. These two may just have to keep their love long distance.

->**“We thought it was a joke or a fluke, but this continued every time,” says Bredy.**<-

Daisy & Frank making out again. #interspecieslove #doglovesfish #fishlovesdog #daisyandfrank

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->**Frank may be in love but he may also be licking Daisy for another reason. He is hoping her mouth has algae and that may be nibbling rather than kissing.**<-

One more Daisy ❤️'s Frank video. I never get tired of it.

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->**Watch these two lovebirds in action.**<-

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