Here’s The Most Dangerous Path In The World… Wait Until You See Where It Leads.


The base of the mountain is called Heavenly Stairs.

There’s a place in China located east of Xi’an, way up on on the highest peak of Mt. Huashan. It’s quite a hike to get there and is one of the most dangerous treks, but it’s well worth it to be able to visit the sacred place that rests on top.

Little villages that support the temples at the peaks have sprung up over the last few years.

A gondola ride takes you to the base of the southern peak.

After you get off the gondola, there is a short distance of path. Then the path gets tighter and tighter until the only way to continue is sections of planks. Don’t look down!

You’ll have to hold onto the series of chains and carabiners that are padlocked to the metal stakes which are hammered into the mountain. You just have to have faith that they will hold you.

You might run into people who are coming down from the mountain, so the only way to let them pass is by backing up to the closet landing and letting the person pass.

There are flags which mark the path you are on. The other paths go to other parts of the mountain.

After awhile, the mountain will begin to slope and you’ll start moving in a more direct line to the peak.

Finally the last stretch goes straight up the face of the mountain. There are toe holes that have been hammered out.

Here it is! The special teahouse with an altitude of 7,087 feet. Feel like sitting down for a cup of tea now?

This teahouse temple of just one of many of the Taoist temples that can be found on each of the five peaks that make up Mt. Huashan. The early inhabitants practiced asceticism and didn’t travel. Their daily meditation was also accompanied by the ritual of drinking tea. Over the years this temple has turned into a teahouse. What an awesome sight that must be!

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