Single Dad Becomes Social Media Star After Asking Daughter For Fashion Advice.

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Jeff Saville couldn’t stop talking to 18-year-old Carli about his upcoming date night, but she worried.

Being a single dad isn’t easy, especially when you’re looking to start dating again. If anyone can relate to that it’s Jeff Saville from Texas. He had been married for 22 years and single for three. But the 56-year-old was still hoping it wasn’t too late to start dating again. But he needed some serious fashion advice, and he didn’t turn to his close friends or netizens. He went straight to the one person who would be open and honest—his daughter, Carli.

Her dad hadn’t dated in forever and was afraid that he didn’t know how to dress appropriately for his date. So, she asked him to send her some photos of himself wearing several different types of clothes.


Carli found it adorable that her dad was relying on her for fashion advice before his big date.

With her guidance, he was able to figure out which shirt looked best and whether or not he needed to tuck it in or let it hang. She even suggested he try using a belt to see if it would improve his overall look.

Jeff continued sending Carli different mirror selfies, and each time he had on something new.

She found the whole thing so cute that she decided to share the back and forth conversation on Twitter using the caption: “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits. My heart.” But then, something unexpected happened.


When Carli shared the screencaps of her convo with her dad, it was intended for her friends.

They would undoubtedly have a good laugh. But as it turns out, other netizens caught wind of her exchange with her dad and fell head over heels in love with Jeff. Soon, everyone was posting supportive comments for Twitter’s single dad.


Carli is obviously one awesome daughter, but it turns out that other daughters helped their dads too.

One person shared a shot of her dad asking for advice on their wardrobe. Clearly having daughters is awesome because they definitely have the 4-1-1 on what a single dad needs to wear before jumping into the dating pool.


As the post got more attention, one restaurant offered to provide Jeff with a free meal.

Although Kobe restaurant’s offer was beyond generous, there was one requirement. Jeff needed to bring a date. Unfortunately, Carli tweeted back to the restaurant that her dad’s date had stood him up.


Although his date was a no-show, the kindness Twitter users showed him lifted his spirits.

Carli made sure to let the Twitterverse know that everyone’s words of encouragement have touched her dad and motivated him to continue working on his love life. And judging from this photo, we doubt he’ll be single much longer.


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