“Dead” Cat Appears Morning After Emotional Funeral And Burial.

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When Nathan Sonoras stumbled across a stray little black cat, he didn’t realize at the time how close they would become.

If you have a pet at home, you can understand how it would feel to find out that your beloved furry friend had passed away. Losing a pet isn't easy, but it can be even worse if you spot your best friend while driving down the road. That's exactly what this man experienced when he buried his own pet, but soon enough, he would realize that things are never as they seem.

What started out as a sad life for the cat, whose name is Loki, turned into a life spent with his new best friend. "He’s the sweetest little thing. He likes to jump on my lap and cuddle with me. He’s very lovable," said Nathan in an interview with The Dodo.

Nathan Sonoras

Nathan saved Loki’s life, and now he gets to live the life that most cats can only dream of living.

Not only is Loki given love and affection at home, but he’s also allowed the freedom of a wild feline. Nathan has always been happy to let Loki come and go as he pleased, but sadly, Nathan would learn that a cat’s freedom comes with a pretty high price.

Nathan Sonoras

One night, when Nathan was heading back home from work, he spotted something in the middle of the road.

"I saw this black thing in the road up ahead as I was driving. I thought it was a sweatshirt or something at first. But I got closer and saw it was a black cat. My greatest fear of having an outdoor cat had been suddenly realized," recalled Nathan.

Nathan Sonoras

Nathan immediately stopped his car, got out of the vehicle, and approached the cat.

He immediately thought that it was Loki, but he called his girlfriend just to make sure. When she arrived, it was clear that the cat lying dead in the street was indeed Loki. "I was incredibly emotional. I was crying, saying, ‘My cat’s dead — I can’t believe this. It was pretty traumatizing," said Nathan.

Nathan Sonoras

After getting their emotions somewhat in check, Nathan and his girlfriend moved the tiny cat’s body to her house nearby, where they could lay the poor cat to rest.

"We dug a hole right by a nice tree. We cried and shared good memories, and talked about how we hoped Loki was running around free in kitty heaven. It was very sad saying our goodbyes," recalled Nathan. After the funeral, Nathan and his girlfriend returned to their home, hoping to get some sort of rest that night.

Nathan Sonoras

The next morning, Nathan woke up early to bring his father to work.

Because they lived so close, Nathan’s parents had also gotten pretty close to Loki. Needless to say, it was time for Nathan to tell his dad the bad news. "I explained that Loki had died and we were up pretty late burying him. At that moment, right behind me, I heard Loki’s exact meow. I turned out, and there he was," said Nathan. Just like normal, Loki strolled up to Nathan to say good morning as if nothing happened. "I told my dad, ‘What’s going on? I just buried that cat last night,’" said Nathan.

Nathan Sonoras

As it turns out, Loki was still very much alive and well! "I just held him and bawled my eyes out like a baby.

Did I wake up in a parallel universe where Loki hadn't died? Or did I wish him back to life?" Apparently, Nathan buried another cat who looked extremely similar to Loki. "I believe all life is sacred. Even if it was another cat, I’m glad I got to honor it in that way," said Nathan.

Nathan Sonoras

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