Man Adopts 6-Week-Old Puppy And Teaches Him Basic Sign Language.

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31-year-old Nick Abbott from Maine was born deaf, so he knew what one puppy was going through.

It’s tough to understand what it’s like to be deaf unless you actually are deaf. Fortunately, an adorable black lab mix doesn’t have to worry about experiencing this condition on his own thanks to a kind man from Maine. When Nick Abbott, who is also deaf, read an urgent plea on Facebook, he reached out to the shelter to become the proud father of the 6-week-old pup, but, he didn’t just give him a new home. He also gave him a special gift when he taught the pooch sign language.

A 6-week-old black lab mix named Emerson was either born deaf, or he lost his hearing after experiencing seizures. On top of that, he also developed an infection called canine parvovirus.

Courtesy Richelle and Nick Abbott