Ohio Company Adopts 2 Office Kitties To Make Work More Enjoyable.

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Productivity must be at an all-time low at this office! After all, who could resist snuggling one of these little guys 24/7?

You probably heard of emotional support animals, but have you ever heard about animals in the workplace? Well, the IT/finance department of an Ohio-based transportation company is taking the term “pet-friendly” to the very next level after adopting rescue kittens, Debit and Credit. Their shenanigans keep everyone entertained, which kind of makes us wonder how anyone at this office is getting any work done. All we'd want to do is roll around on the floor and snuggle up with these little guys.

The adorable brother and sister were introduced on Reddit by an employee, and as you can imagine, they went viral in no time. But how are the employees able to focus? All we'd want to do is lie on the floor and play with these cats!

ourofficekittens / Instagram