3D-Printed Prosthetic Legs Were A Game Changer For This Happy Dog.

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Derby is a two-year-old dog who is finally able to stand straight on all four legs, thanks to the advancement in technology. The husky was born with malformed front paws. Last year, Tara Anderson an employee at 3D Systems decided to help the pup by making Derby his own prosthetic legs.

The 3D design and printing company has made several prototypes for Derby. The initial prosthetics were low to the ground so the canine could learn to walk on his new legs. He has graduated to a new design where his back is aligned horizontally.

The team used a Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer. The printer bonds tiny grains of nylon into figure eight artificial legs. The final creation simulates the movement and flexibility of knees. For Derby, he is able to do things he was unable to do before such as the simple act of sitting down like a regular dog.


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