At First I Thought This Was A Movie Set… But It’s A Real Place.


Stumbling upon a lush oasis in the middle of the desert is classically thought of as a mirage, a mind game played on those who are overheated, dehydrated, and exhausted. However, if you should happen upon this oasis in Huacachina, Peru, don't assume that you've finally lost your marbles: Huacachina is actually real.

Located in one of the driest climates in the world, Huacachina is home to 96 residents and their businesses. It is also an incredibly popular tourist destination for all south and central Americans. The naturally occurring lake at the center of Huacachina is said to have restorative properties: Peruvians from miles around come to bathe in its healing waters.

If you're traveling to Peru, be sure to check out Huacachina - although, after seeing these gorgeous photos, it'll be hard to convince yourself that it's not simply a splendid figment of your imagination.

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