25 Funny Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh… #16 Probably Got Fired For That.

Not sure what European language writes UR! in English that way.

Companies spend a lot of time and money choosing the right candidate that will become a proud member of the organization. Scouring through hundreds of resumes, conducting countless interviews, and doing background checks, are just some of the steps human resource departments go through to find the best employees.

Finally, when the best and most qualified candidate is hired, it’s all about getting down to business to finally demonstrate the skills and talents that made that individual stand out among the competition.

Except, there are times when the new employee’s work does not match expectations. Occasionally, there are small errors that are made which can be forgiven or blamed on nerves getting the best of the person. Unfortunately, there are some epic mistakes that cannot be ignored or forgotten. Here are some examples of people getting their one assigned task completely wrong.