Huge Whale Asks Fishermen For Help, The Way He Said ‘Thanks’ Took Their Breath Away.

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The whale swam by, and before long, the boys realized that he was trying to signal them.

It was an insane sight for this group of young fishermen to behold: A massive whale swam right up to their boat and appeared to be quite friendly. However, the fishermen soon discovered that the whale was trying to send them a message: It had plastic bag caught in it's mouth.

The bags became lodged in the whale's mouth because they were entwined with fishing lines and stuck around his baleen. The whale was able to wave his fin as a way to ask for help, and luckily, these young men were able to assist him.

Here, you can see that he's trying to signal them for help.

Eventually, the fishermen realize that the whale needs help, and they set to work trying to free him from the plastic bags.

Then, the whale was able to swim away, free from burden.

But not before one of the boys was able to capture this epic selfie.

**Check out video from this amazing rescue below.**


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