27 Diet Hacks That Keep You Slim WITHOUT The Exercise.


Eat slow and chew your food.

Dieting isn't easy. People love the idea of being in shape but the goal can be difficult to achieve without some hard work and effort. Although exercise is a big part of being healthy, diet is most important. Ask any fitness trainer and they'll tell you that abs are built in the kitchen.

The best approach to dieting is setting realistic goals. No one says you have to quit all your unhealthy eating habits cold turkey - ease into it.

Here's a some diet hacks to help you get started.


Replace one of your meals with a healthy smoothie – blend greens, frozen fruits, and coconut water or almond milk (optional).

Tasty Yummies

Peel half of the tortilla off to save some calories

James Ransom

"Butter" up your toast with avocados.


Snack on fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Lisa Be

Fill your chocolate craving with this.

Chocolate smoothie made with frozen bananas, dates, coconut milk, raw cacao powder, pinch of cayenne and Himalayan salt. Sprinkled with cacao nibs and cinnamon.

Lisa Be

Eat on a small plate – not only does it limit how much you eat, it also makes it look like there's more food than there is.


Use lettuce instead of tortillas.

And lettuce instead of burger buns.


If you have to eat bagels, scoop some of the dough out.


Swap out your junk food snacks for almonds or other nuts

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Eat at home before going out.

Lisa Be

Yes to fruit, no to concentrated fruit juices.

Fruit has fiber which fills you up.

Torsten Reimer

Substitute the buffalo chicken with buffalo cauliflower.

Because it's more about the sauce.


Keep healthy snacks around so you won't be tempted.

Lisa Be

Drink a tall glass of water before every meal.


Replace potato chips with your own guilt-free sea salt and vinegar kale chips.


Drink more water throughout the day.

Add fruit slices to water to make it more appealing.

Apron and Sneakers

Keep lots of fresh fruit around for when you need something fast.

Lisa Be

Fill up mason jars with ready to go salads.


Go vegetarian a few times a week.

Maybe it will stick for good.


Pour out the oil that stays on the top of your dressing bottles and peanut butter jars.

Jessica Juliao

If you're dining out at a restaurant, ask for half of your food to be put into a to-go box right away so you turn your big meal into two smaller portioned meals throughout the day.

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Replace the unhealthy delivery pizza with homemade cauliflower crust pizza.

It's gluten free. You can also substitute the cheese for vegan cheese.


But if you don't have time to cook it, just blot the oil off regular pizza.

This could help you reduce up to 50 calories per slice.


Eat sushi without the rice.


Instead of skim milk, put unsweetened almond milk into your coffee.

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