Two Penguins Have A Problem, At 1:06 I Nearly Died From Laughing.

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Every time it rains, I am faced with the same challenge: I must figure out a way to wear my favorite shoes and not destroy them by tromping through puddle after puddle. Essentially, when it rains, I turn into a baby giraffe, carefully taking tiny, awkward steps in order to avoid puddle destruction. Sure, I could get a pair of rainboots, but that would be too easy.

Apparently, even though they spend a lot of time in the water, these penguins can relate. As they try to overcome the windy, rainy elements, these penguins are being their most cautious. Check out the video below to see if they make it through these terrifying obstacles. The look they give each other at the 0:40 mark is too cute.


Happy to see they made it out relatively unscathed.

Next, here's some penguins dancing to music.

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