Dimples Are Delightful. 30 Photos So Cute You’ll Feel Compelled To Pinch Their Cheeks.


We all know someone who has the perfect dimples. Maybe we are are lucky enough to have those beautiful indentations on our cheeks, chin, or under our eyes. Regardless of where they are, they enhance any smile and turn up the cuteness factor exponentially.

Whenever we see dimples on babies, we melt and secretly wish we had them too. Often the indentations will appear in childhood and gradually disappear while with others, they appear later on in life and are permanent. The small dents are highly heritable, meaning that people who have dimples tend to have children with dimples too, but not always. Because their inheritance isn't completely predictable, they are considered an “irregular” dominant trait.

Regardless of how irregular they are, they sure look great. In this post, enjoy some beautiful faces with dimples.

Monika Manowska

Prince Royce


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Miranda Kerr

Bar Refaeli

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