Orphaned Baby Fox Was Nursed Back To Health By The Most Loving ‘Mom’ You’ll Ever See.

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Dinozzo shortly after his rescue.

Animals are a lot like humans as evidenced in this story. A fox in Germany was rescued by a couple after it was found on the road; its mother was killed after it was struck by a motorist. Werner and Angelika Schmaing took the three-week-old pup, who they named Dinozzo, home and nursed her back to health. Joining in the care of Dinozzo was a collie named Ziva who slept and played with the fox.

Dinozzo joins other animals in the household, including a Bengal cat named Leopald and two piglets. Werner Schaming explains that Zeva is the foster mom to the little ones and often sees the dynamics much like a human family. “They are mostly peaceful, often playful and sometimes tired – sleeping together in one place,” says Schaming.

Dinozzo and adoptive mama Zeva.

Getting playful.

Zeva loving her cub.

Dinozzo and Leopald.


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