I Thought These Were Normal Paintings… But Then I Looked Closer. I’m Speechless!

Here are some dirty pictures on the internet you won’t get in trouble for looking at. [Scott Wade](http://www.dirtycarart.com/) has been called the “da Vinci of Dust” because he uses dirty, dusty cars as his canvas. His artwork has been seen on television in over 20 countries, in magazines, and in newspapers all over the world. Scott lived on a dirt road in central Texas for over 20 years, so the cars were always covered in dust. He spent a lot of time doodling on them. His father was a great amateur cartoonist and influenced Scott, because his natural tendency was to draw funny faces. One day when he was chewing a popsicle stick, he noticed how the end of the stick feathered and it gave him the idea to use it as a tool. Scott liked the effect it made, so he pulled out all of his art brushes and started using them too. One thing led to another and… well, just look below.