Couple Perform ‘Dirty Dancing’ Scene At Wedding, And They’re REALLY Into It.

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Prior to meeting her future husband Jesse Viramontes, Rachel was not much of a dancer. Although, since Jesse was a salsa instructor and willing to teach her, it was inevitable she was going to fall in love with both him and dancing.

“When dancing with him I felt special, and with him as the lead I felt that I was taken care of on the dance floor, a place where I was not comfortable at all before,” says Rachel. When the duo tied the knot, they wanted their first dance as husband and wife to be memorable. The Viramontes’ chose to perform the final dance from the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing.

Jesse and Rachel only practiced for two months, keeping the whole thing a secret from their family and friends. The only concern the bride-to-be had was being able to perform the epic lift at the end of the song. If they couldn’t do the lift, she didn’t want to do the dance. Take a look at this couple re-enacting the scene from the cult classic.

This tribal wedding dance will give you the chills.

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